Window-washing accidents occur in both rural and urban areas of the state. These dangerous accidents often cause victims to suffer serious bodily injury or death. Many individual workers fall, are electrocuted, or suffer harm due to prolonged exposure to chemicals.

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What are the New York laws protecting window washers?

You must understand the facts of a case to determine which parties may be liable for an accident victim’s injuries. New York Labor Law § 202 is one of the most essential statutes regarding worker safety in New York. Owners, lessees, agents, and managers of specific types of properties must provide window washers with a safe means for cleaning windows.

Another New York worker safety statute is New York Labor Law § 240(1), also known as the “Scaffold Law” in New York. This law attaches liability to agents, owners, and general contractors if they do not provide proper safety equipment to window washers who work from specific heights. These laws protect employees in New York while they are engaged in these dangerous work conditions.

State laws are constantly revised and amended. Therefore, you must speak to a knowledgeable window-washing attorney in New York who can help determine if any state or federal law changes will affect your personal injury case. Staying informed of any changes in the law will enable you to protect yourself and your legal rights as you pursue monetary compensation for your injuries.

What are the dangers to window washers?

Sometimes, an employee dies on impact due to falling while engaging in window washing. Unfortunately, some victims suffer traumatic brain injuries, which can make them suffer temporary or permanent disabilities. The following are some of the most common injuries sustained by those involved in window washing accidents:

  • Death
  • Shock
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Lacerations

It is essential for window-washing accident victims to understand how their total damages amount will be calculated. The nature of your injuries and any surgeries you must undergo will influence the overall damages amount in your case. You must speak with an experienced New York City window washing accident lawyer to learn more about your legal rights.

Falls from heights.

Window washers often fall from several stories above the ground. Unfortunately, many individuals do not survive these falls. However, some employees do live after falling from a significant height. However, these individuals often suffer temporary or permanent disability. New York City has some of the tallest buildings in the United States, and many employees suffer fatal injuries when they fall while engaged in window washing.

Exposure to caustic chemicals

Specific chemicals may cause window washers to suffer serious bodily injury or death depending on how long they are exposed to the chemicals. Window washers must seek immediate medical attention if they believe they have been exposed to dangerous chemicals. A skilled personal injury attorney can help establish that an employer exposed you to caustic chemicals. If you have a list of the substances to which you were exposed during your employment, then you should provide this to your attorney during an initial consultation.

Exposure to excessive winds

Wind gusts can knock window washers off balance and cause them to fall to the ground. Safety measures are necessary to help these employees maintain their balance and withstand strong wind gusts during different seasons in New York City. Excessive winds may also damage equipment and cause communication breakdown between teams who need to be able to speak to each other while washing windows in New York City. Employees need also to be trained to deal with the risks posed by dangerous winds at high altitudes.

Heat exhaustion

Summers in New York are hot, and high temperatures and humidity can put window washers at risk of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. Excessive heat is the most dangerous weather in the United States. Window washers need to seek medical treatment immediately if they believe they are exposed to temperatures that put them at risk of suffering severe bodily injury or death.

What is the danger to pedestrians?

Pedestrians are often at risk of suffering severe bodily injury if a falling object strikes them. However, pedestrians are vulnerable to injuries if window washers do not take advantage of all available safety measures. It is essential that all window washers remain aware of the risks and vulnerabilities associated with their equipment. Also, accidents sometimes happen unexpectedly, and window washers must be prepared to alert pedestrians to prevent innocent people from suffering devastating injuries.

Why do window washing accidents happen?

Different causes contribute to window washing accidents in New York. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers essential statistical data regarding window-washing accidents throughout the United States. The following are some of the most common causes of window washing accidents:

  • Electrical shocks
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Collapsed ladders
  • Falls
  • Dangerous weather conditions

Falls are the most frequent cause of window washing accidents. Employers and landowners must consider the risks employees take when they wash windows. Scaffolding equipment and other tools used by window washers must be installed safely. Also, every employee in window washing must be trained for the activity.

Safety equipment is also an essential component of safe window washing. Specific types of equipment can prevent serious bodily injury or death. Fall protection equipment can also save the lives of window washers if they fall while participating in their work. However, sometimes, it is difficult to determine the precise cause of a window washing accident. A window washing attorney can investigate the facts surrounding a window washing accident to determine which parties may be liable for an accident victim’s injuries.

Faulty scaffold construction

Window washers need to have secure scaffolding to ensure they can complete their jobs under safe conditions. Many window washing accident cases involve faulty scaffolding and other malfunctions which cause an accident victim to suffer serious bodily injury or death. Scaffold construction can lead to structural problems, which can decrease the value of real property.

Defective safety equipment

Safety equipment is also necessary to ensure the safety of individual employees engaged in window washing. However, safety equipment is never one hundred percent fail-safe; all employees in New York need to have enforceable policies and procedures related to the checking and testing of all safety equipment related to window washing. Unfortunately, many employees do not realize they are using defective safety equipment until the moment it malfunctions.

Misuse of safety equipment

Employees and employers must investigate any warnings about the misappropriation or misuse of safety equipment in New York City. It is paramount for employees never to misuse safety equipment while participating in window washing activities. An injured employee can face legal arguments regarding comparative negligence if they assert legal claims against a negligent party.

Who could be held liable for my window-washing accident?

Multiple parties may be liable for your injuries. Safety equipment manufacturers may be responsible for your injuries if a product defect exists. Also, a building owner may be liable for the injuries you suffer during a window-washing accident if safety measures were not in place as required by law. These facts are essential to your case, and having an attorney by your side will help you determine if specific safety requirements were ignored or not implemented by those responsible for doing so due to their status as landowners.

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