Demolition work is dangerous. Heavy machinery and equipment are used to destroy and flatten structures made of materials designed to withstand collapse. There are many opportunities for workers to sustain injury.

If you have been injured while working on a demolition site, put yourself in the best position to collect substantial compensation by reaching out to a New York construction accident lawyer from The Weinstein Law Group. An experienced demolition injury attorney in NYC from our team will review your case and give you the legal help you need.

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How much does it cost to hire a demolition injury attorney in NYC?

Regrettably, some accident victims who may be entitled to compensation never seek help from a demolition accident attorney in New York because they think they cannot afford representation.

Hiring an attorney can be expensive–but we have good news for you. When you partner with The Weinstein Law Group, we take on the cost of your lawsuit when we take your case. You do not pay us until we secure your settlement. Then, we recover our fees with a percentage of the settlement.

You take no risk by reaching out to our team of New York demolition accident attorneys. We review your case for free and you only pay us once the at-fault party pays you.

Undocumented workers can recover financial damages, too

The construction industry employs many hardworking undocumented workers trying to earn a living and support their families. When these workers get hurt on a demolition job, they may not seek compensation, thinking their immigration status precludes them from the protections of job safety laws or that they may face immigration consequences, such as deportation.

However, undocumented workers in New York do have the right to seek damages. They cannot be discriminated against in the workplace. Employers must follow New York’s human rights laws and the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to keep all workers – undocumented ones included – safe on the job.

Any injured worker should consult with a demolition injury attorney in NYC, but because of potential complications, undocumented workers need to see legal guidance before filing a claim.

Why do demolition accidents happen?

The nature of construction jobs, in general, makes construction work dangerous. When the job involves demolition, an especially forceful process, workers face heightened risk. Demolition intends to take down or “destroy” a structure, and even with plans in place, structures can fall more violently or with less control than expected, injuring those nearby.


Workers often work demolition jobs from elevated places–from scaffoldings or upper levels of buildings or other structures. Some demolition accidents involve falls from these high places. Workers may not have proper fall protection, surfaces may be unstable, or workers can be thrown off balance if they trip over debris or equipment or even just knock into another worker.

Equipment issues

Demolitions require heavy-duty equipment. Powerful machines, and sometimes construction vehicles, are needed to get the job done. Cranes, wrecking balls, bulldozers, excavators, and other massive equipment have complex hydraulic systems, may require electricity, and have blades or sharp edges. Malfunctions, improper use, or lack of grounding can lead to serious injuries.


Workers may have to handle hazardous materials when carrying out demolitions. Other times, the job may lead to unexpected contact with these materials, some of which can ignite, causing explosions or fires. Though still dangerous when anticipated or known about, gas leaks, electrical faults, and flammable substances are extremely destructive when they take workers by surprise.

Uncontrolled collapses

Though demolition intends to raze a structure, errors or unexpected issues can cause the collapse to veer from the plan. Unexpected or uncontrolled collapses can result from weak foundations, careless demolition techniques, or other unrecognized structural weaknesses that subject workers to devastating injuries.

Toxic chemicals

Exposure to toxic substances often involved in demolition work exposes workers to a variety of dangerous consequences. Asbestos, lead-based paint, silica, and other toxins may be present in the structure undergoing demolition. Inhaling, mishandling, or failing to control the release of these toxins into the air can cause serious health problems for workers and others in proximity to the demolition site.

“Struck by” incidents

Some heavy equipment used in demolitions have swinging mechanisms. As the building collapses, there is the potential for chunks or shards of debris to fly. The swinging devices and debris can strike workers, causing injury.

Demolition safety standards in New York

New York State recognizes the dangers inherent to construction work, including demolition projects. The state has established extensive regulations to maintain safety at these sites. These regulations cover fire codes, required inspections, mandatory safety measures, the roles of managers and supervisors, and many additional areas.

When workers are injured because other parties fail to comply with these regulations, those workers have the right to hold the at-fault party’s accountable for this negligence.

New York labor laws protecting demolition workers

New York state has additional specific laws designed to protect demolition workers. Section 241 of New York’s Labor Laws states what steps must be taken to prepare and secure these sites and keep workers or others frequenting the area safe.

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How can an NYC demolition injury attorney help me?

After a demotion injury, you need to focus your energy on healing. At the same time, you need to demand compensation to cover your losses and future needs. This is where a demolition accident lawyer in NYC can help.

Connect with our team as soon as possible after your accident. Prompt access to your case will allow your lawyer to investigate your accident while evidence is still available and witnesses’ memories are fresh.

Your lawyer will also handle conversations with the at-fault party’s representatives and insurance companies. Insurance companies will use your words against you or try to talk you out of filing a claim or into collecting too little compensation. But when you leave all communication to us, you never have to worry about saying “the wrong thing” or falling for intimidation or coercive tactics.

Your demolition accident attorney in New York will also value your cases, fully assessing your losses and future accident-related costs to ensure your settlement demand is fair and covers your needs.

What kinds of injuries are associated with demolition accidents?

Victims can sustain just about any type of injury in a demolition accident, and most are severe.

Burns and electrocution

Chemicals can damage the skin and eyes upon contact and also damage the respiratory tract upon inhalation. Workers can also sustain burns from contact with electrical currents, open flames, or uncontrolled explosions. Electrical currents can also travel through the body, electrocuting the worker.

Burns injuries are extremely painful and typically cause permanent disfigurement. They can lead to infection and may inhibit mobility, strength, and sensation in affected areas.

Vision and hearing loss

Flying debris, sharp tools, or chemical exposure can cause eye injuries and vision loss. Exposure to loud machinery and vibrations can diminish hearing.

Broken bones

Bones can break following a fall from high places or be crushed under or within the complex systems that make up construction machinery. Some bones heal fully after surgeries and rehabilitation, though even that best-case scenario involves pain and time away from work.

Other times, bones are too damaged to heal fully, and victims never regain full function of the affected body part. They may also experience long-term pain.

Lacerations and amputations

Blades and debris are present at demolition sites and have the potential to cause lacerations. With proper interventions to repair the tear and prevent lacerations, some deep cuts can heal completely. Other times, nerves or tendons may be cut, or infection can set it, causing lasting damage. When limbs are crushed beyond repair or cut too deeply, they may require amputation.

Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries

Falls, blows to the head from machinery, or material from the falling structure can lead to concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). While more moderate than other TBIs, concussions still bring serious effects, including, among others, dizziness, confusion, nausea, fatigue, disordered sleep, memory, and learning problems.

Some TBIs damage the brain permanently. Victims are left with diminished cognitive abilities and possible changes in mood and personality.

Who’s liable for my injury?

To collect a settlement, you have to identify the at-fault party and prove their liability. There are several potentially liable parties, making it crucial for an experienced demolition construction lawyer in NYC to investigate carefully and collect evidence to support your claim.


Employers have an obligation to their employees. These obligations include upholding New York’s labor laws. When employees fail in this area, and a worker is injured, employers may be culpable.


Contractors oversee construction sites. They must comply with safety regulations established by New York State and OSHA. When contractors get sloppy or all-out and ignore those regulations, they may be liable when workers experience injury.

Property owner

Property owners owe those entering their property a legal duty to preserve their safety, this includes workers completing demolition jobs. If property owners know of, or should reasonably know of, a hazard and do not inform workers of the danger, they may be culpable when workers are injured.

Another party

Subcontractors, workers from another construction company, equipment manufacturers, or others may be liable for a worker’s demolition accident and injuries, which is why it is so important to have a skilled attorney carry out a comprehensive investigation of the incident. If a defective machine malfunctions, it is essential to file against that machine or part manufacturer, not an “assumed” negligent party.

Hurt in a demolition accident? Let us help.

If you have been hurt in a demolition accident, The Weinstein Law Group is here to help. Our New York demolition accident attorneys have the experience, knowledge, compassion, and New York grit necessary to hold negligent parties accountable while giving you the support and guidance you need. Reach us by calling (212) 741-3800 or sending us a message. We are here, and we are ready to help.

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