After you’ve been injured at a construction site, you may be anxious to seek the maximum amount of compensation available. That can mean a workers’ compensation claim, a third-party claim against someone else, or other types of legal action.


No matter how you intend to recover the damages inflicted by your injury, you need the legal representative you hire to be a qualified, experienced New York construction accident lawyer. Your attorney will be a major deciding factor in the success of your case and the level of effort you’re required to put into it.


Look to the following criteria to help you select a construction accident lawyer in New York. Then, contact The Weinstein Law Group and learn more during a free, no-obligation case review. Simply call (212) 741-3800 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation now.


Experience With Your Type of Injury Case

Not just any lawyer can successfully navigate a construction accident injury claim. Finding the right construction accident lawyer should always start with a thorough review of the firm’s track record.


You want attorneys who have dealt with similar issues to your case. For example, if you’ve claimed workers’ comp and are worried about a lien affecting a third-party lawsuit, you want an attorney who’s dealt with workers’ comp liens before.


Similarly, if your case involves a dangerous product claim against a heavy equipment manufacturer, you want an attorney who has gone toe-to-toe with big companies and won.


Experience matters for two reasons. First, your attorney should be familiar with the particular aspects of the law and how they tend to play out during a court case.


Second, the lawyer you hire should know what to expect from the defense. They should be prepared for common legal strategies, such as an equipment manufacturer alleging that the injury victim was misusing the product at the time they were hurt. Or, an insurance company might try to argue that your injury treatment costs are based mostly on a pre-existing condition.


Legal strategies like these can catch the layperson and less-qualified attorneys off guard, so having an experienced counsel can mean the difference between scrambling to respond or being prepared ahead of time.


Experience within your specific jurisdiction also matters. Many attorneys are familiar with certain judges, firms, and insurance company representatives. Also, different court systems tend to have a pattern of how they handle cases. 


If your case advances to a lawsuit, you want to know that your attorney anticipates how the case will be viewed by the court and prepare for any potential obstacles or advantages.


A Track Record of Winning Cases

No case outcome can be guaranteed until the ink dries on a settlement agreement or court verdict. Even still, working with a construction injury law firm that has a history of winning cases is a good indicator that they can bring you future success.


Again, don’t just look for wins, but wins relevant to your specific area of injury law. You want proof that your attorney has won claims in the past through the legal strategies you intend to use.


A Positive Reputation Among Clients and the Legal Community

Without a doubt, your best resource for finding a high-quality legal representative is by asking trusted friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues. The references you’ll obtain through word of mouth will be honest, constructive, and detailed. If the lawyer you’re pointed toward is unable to handle your case, they can at very least refer you to someone in their field who they trust.


In the absence of – or in addition to – personal recommendations, you can read online reviews from past clients. Be sure to have a skeptical view of every review, since some may be written by clients who had a very different experience than what you might. Also, check multiple review sources.


When skimming online reviews, look for consistent praise or criticisms. One single awful experience or glowing outcome is not representative of a firm’s work. But if multiple people have the same positive or negative comment, there’s a higher chance it will be true in your case as well.


Legal peer reviews are another great source. While many law professionals are reluctant to overtly criticize their peers, they also usually don’t shower them with empty praise. This is especially true if the attorney in question has been honored with a specific award or accolade.


 People in the legal profession take professional conduct very seriously, so their perspective can tell you whether your potential lawyer has won the respect of others both in and out of court.


A Personality and Work Approach You Can Get Along With

You don’t have to feel like you’re friends with your lawyer, but you should have a respectful rapport. Having an attorney who doesn’t seem to understand your goals or who just rubs you the wrong way can make it difficult to see a case through.


You also need a lawyer who will stay in touch through an agreed-upon method of communication. For example, if you hate answering emails but that’s all your lawyer insists on using, you may encounter hiccups during your case.


Set expectations early when evaluating a lawyer, and ask specific questions about how they work, how they stay in touch, and what accommodations they’d be willing to make to meet your needs. These conversations can reveal early on whether you’ll be able to work together.


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Plus, we are familiar with multiple types of construction accident litigation, including cases where we’ve gone up against aggressive lawyers representing insurance companies or big corporations. We aren’t afraid to do everything it takes to give your case the maximum chances of success.


Finally, we have an outstanding reputation among our clients and peers.


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