Navigating New York’s workers’ compensation system can feel like a maze. If you ask yourself, “What do I need for workers’ comp?” you’re in good company. Many workers are puzzled over the steps and documentation required to secure a claim successfully.

Keep reading for everything you need to show to qualify for workers’ comp benefits in New York, ensuring you’re well-equipped to move forward with your claim. When you’re ready to start, contact our New York workers’ compensation lawyers for a free consultation.

what do I need for workers comp

Key requirements for workers’ comp eligibility

Report the injury promptly

One of the first and most crucial steps you need to take after sustaining an injury at work is to report it to your employer. New York law requires that this report be made within 30 days of the accident or 30 days of realizing the injury was caused by work. This report should be in writing, detailing the injury and how it occurred.

Documentation from healthcare providers

Comprehensive medical documentation is crucial for proving your claim. Ensure that the health care provider notes that your injury is work-related. The medical report from your initial visit will serve as key evidence for your claim, detailing the extent and likely cause of your injuries. You should also collect all ongoing medical assessments and any treatments or medications prescribed to you by the doctor.

Form C-3

To officially start your workers’ comp claim, you must file a Form C-3 with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. This must be done within two years of the injury date. The form can be filed online and requires detailed information about your injury and employment.

Proof of employment and wages

You’ll also need to provide proof of your employment at the time of the injury. This typically involves submitting recent pay stubs or other employment records. These documents help verify your claim about where and when you were injured and your earnings, which are used to calculate your benefits.

We’re here to help you navigate the claims process

The Weinstein Law Group specializes in workers’ compensation law in New York. We can help you gather the necessary documentation, meet all legal requirements, and represent you in hearings if required. Our expertise ensures your claim is as strong as possible, maximizing your chances of securing the appropriate benefits.

For more guidance on your specific situation and expert help with your claim, don’t hesitate to contact The Weinstein Law Group. Our experienced team can provide the support you need to navigate the workers’ compensation system in New York.

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