Navigating a workers’ compensation claim can be complex, but understanding the steps in a workers’ comp case is crucial for anyone injured on the job in New York. Here’s a detailed guide tailored to help you manage your case effectively, with expert insights from The Weinstein Law Group.

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Step 1: Report the injury

The first and most critical of the steps in a workers’ comp case is to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. New York law requires that this report be made within 30 days of the injury or the realization that an injury is work-related. This step is crucial because failing to report the injury promptly could jeopardize your ability to receive compensation.

Step 2: Seek medical treatment

Seek medical attention immediately after the injury. Inform the healthcare provider that the injury is work-related, and ensure that they document everything in detail, as this medical report will play a crucial role in your workers’ compensation claim. In New York, you generally have the right to choose your doctor unless your employer participates in a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) for workers’ compensation cases.

Step 3: File a workers’ compensation claim

The next critical step involves officially filing your claim by submitting Form C-3 to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. This form should be filed as soon as possible but no later than two years from the date of injury or when you knew the injury was related to work. The form can be filed online, by mail, or in person.

Step 4: The case is reviewed by the Board

After your claim is filed, it will be reviewed by the Workers’ Compensation Board. The board will assess your medical reports, your employer’s report of the incident, and any other relevant documents. The insurance company will also be notified and begin investigating the claim. They might request additional examinations or documentation.

Step 5: Receive benefits

If your claim is approved, you will start receiving benefits. These can include coverage for medical expenses related to your injury and cash benefits for lost wages if your injury causes you to miss more than seven days of work. The amount and duration of the benefits can vary based on the severity of your injury and your average weekly wage before the injury.

Step 6: Case monitoring and adjustments

Your case may require ongoing management, especially if your medical needs change or if there are disputes about your treatment or benefits. If the insurance company requests it, you might need to attend additional independent medical examinations (IMEs).

Step 7: Case closure or settlement

The final steps in a workers’ comp case typically involve closing the case once the injured worker has recovered and returned to work, or reaching a settlement if the worker has permanent disabilities. Settlements can be negotiated if both parties agree on a lump sum or structured payments instead of ongoing weekly compensation.

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