In New York, the duration of workers’ compensation benefits can vary significantly depending on the nature and severity of the injury and the type of benefits awarded. Understanding how long workers’ comp lasts in NY is crucial for injured workers navigating their recovery and planning for their future.

Here’s a detailed look at the different types of workers’ compensation benefits in New York and how long each can last. Call a skilled New York workers’ compensation lawyer with The Weinstein Law Group if you were hurt at work. Dial (212) 741-3800 today.

how long does workers' comp last in ny

How long do workers’ comp medical benefits last?

Medical benefits are provided for treating the work-related injury or illness and can continue indefinitely in New York. If the treatment is necessary and related to the workplace injury, and the claim is not disputed, an injured worker is entitled to medical care.

How long does temporary total disability (TTD) last in NY?

TTD benefits are available to workers who are completely unable to work for a temporary period due to their injury. These benefits are typically two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage, up to a maximum amount set by the state, and can continue until the worker can return to work or reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI), which is the point at which the condition is stable and not expected to improve significantly.

How long does temporary partial disability (TPD) last in NY?

If an injured worker can return to work but with reduced earnings due to their injury, they may be eligible for TPD benefits. These benefits are intended to make up a portion of the difference between the worker’s pre-injury and post-injury wages. TPD benefits can continue until the worker returns to their pre-injury wage level or reaches MMI.

How long does permanent total disability (PTD) last in NY?

PTD benefits apply to workers who are permanently unable to work due to injury. In New York, these benefits can last the injured worker’s lifetime, depending on the case’s specific circumstances. The amount is generally two-thirds of the worker’s average weekly wage, subject to the state’s maximum and minimum limits.

How long does permanent partial disability (PPD) last in NY?

PPD benefits are for workers who have sustained a permanent injury but can still work in some capacity. New York uses a schedule for certain body parts (e.g., limbs, eyes, ears) to determine the duration of PPD benefits, with a specified number of weeks for each type of injury. For non-scheduled injuries (e.g., back, neck), benefits are based on a percentage of loss of wage-earning capacity and can last up to 525 weeks, depending on the severity of the impairment.

How long do workers’ comp death benefits last in NY?

If a work-related injury or illness results in death, the worker’s dependents may receive death benefits. These benefits include a portion of the deceased worker’s wages and may continue for a specified duration based on the relationship to the deceased and other factors.



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